Saturday, 25 March 2017

Save 25% now on this #1 Bestseller True Crime Encyclopedia

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WARNING: There are several graphic crime scene photos in this book that some may find disturbing.

The ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the pathologies and twisted minds behind the most disturbing of homicidal monsters. From A to Z, there are names you may not have heard of, but many of you are familiar with notorious names serial killers such as; John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway, Aileen Wuornos, and Dennis Rader, just to name a few. This reference book will make a great collection for true crime enthusiasts. Each story is in a Reader's Digest short form. 

"A compendium of 101 serial killers in "Reader's Digest" style. A recommended reference book of madmen and women" 
--- Publisher's Weekly 

"A good read; great reference tool for true crime book addicts and contains just the facts. no glitter, no embellishments, just facts on 101 serial killers." 
--- Serial Killers Magazine 

"Serial Killers Abridged is a treasure of depravity and a must for anyone who likes to read True Crime and the darkest side of the subject. The book gives you plenty of detail upon each the Serial Killers including dates, victims,and the outcome of each case. The word count on each case is perfect for spurt reading that is if you can put it down without going into the next case. No wasted fluff in the writing just right to the facts. As a bonus you also get an extra write-up from JJ Slate contributing to the 101 Serial Killer so you get a taste of her very impressive style of writing for her new book Missing Wives, Missing Lives" 
--- Kipp Poe Speicher Amazon Vine Reviewer

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

$0.99. ** SAVE $4.00 ** FREEDOM OF THE FEW: A True Story

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For a limited time, order this 310-page NEW RELEASE, “Freedom of the Few: Canada’s Most Prolific Bank Robber” for only $0.99. ** SAVE $4.00 **

This is the 17th book in our Crimes Canada Collection and a full-length book by Ray Lawinger.


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$0.99 Kindle Books

Friday, 3 March 2017

Canada's most prolific Bank Robber tells all in this full-length book

PRE-ORDER now and don't pay until March 20th..."Freedom of the Few" by Ray Lawinger Canada's most prolific Bank Robber. Volume 17 in the Crimes Canada Collection

So you think you can escape the system?

Thirteen-year-old Ray Lawinger certainly thought he could. He was still young enough to believe that he could attain the coveted freedom of the few--still naïve enough to think he could live on the edge. He was wrong.

For most of the next 28 years, Ray spent his days in and out of some of the most notorious prisons in Canada, including the infamous Millhaven Maximum Security and Collins Bay, also known as the Gladiator School. He wasn't big and strong at first, but he was crafty and survived his days spent in these gladiator arenas only to emerge smarter and more savvy. From a foiled and folly of an escape attempt to being stabbed and stitching himself back up, his luck ran the gamut.

In an endearingly funny but unapologetically gritty tale of the many fantastic adventures of Canada's most prolific bank robber, Ray takes us on his journey of freedom, loss, and new hope as he struggles to reconcile his own values with the sometimes equally crooked interests of an indifferent justice system. Will he be able to leave the convoluted and complex system relatively unscathed? Can he escape the trap of the freedom of the few, beat the odds and finally survive on the outside? As the final survivor, a happy ending may finally be in store for him.