Tuesday, 18 October 2016

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pre-Order Promotion: Enter to WIN a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB

Pre-Order Promotion: Enter to WIN a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB with Case. Drawing on December 20 and receive in time for Christmas.
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Five true crime authors come together to present the FOURTH ANNUAL "Serial Killers True Crime Anthology" which depicts several horrific cases of serial homicide told in detail, and includes pictures. Each case will take the reader from the background of the serial killer, to the crime scene, investigation, trial, and sentencing.

"As with Volumes 1-3: Serial Killers True Crime Anthology is a welcome addition to the literature of true crime. Readers will be intrigued by old and new cases, elucidated by some of the most interesting writers in the business." -- (John Douglas and Mark Olshaker), MINDHUNTERS

This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find very disturbing.

Keith Jespersen (The Happy Face Killer) by JJ Slate
Joshua Wade (The Alaskan Killer) by RJ Parker
Orville Majors (Death Angel) by Michael Newton
Sara Aldrete (La Madrina Killer) by Sylvia Perrini
Christopher Wilder (The Beauty Queen Killer) by JJ Slate
Henry Lucas & Ottis Toole (Tag Team Killers) by Michael Newton
David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield (The Killing Cousins) by RJ Parker
Erin Caffey by Sylvia Perrini
Kenneth McDuff (The Broomstick Killer) by JJ Slate
Rodney Alcala (The Dating Game Killer) by Peter Vronsky

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